“United Nations recognition is worthless,” ADFI (FECRIS) says

APresse Ocean article re ADFIs reported last week by the French media Press Océan (https://www.presseocean.fr/actualite/nantes-education-prenatale-mise-en-garde-contre-des-theories-fumeuses-07-11-2018-286193), in the occasion of a meeting of the Room of Equality (or Salle de l'Égalité: https://www.nantes.fr/home/a-votre-service/equipements/salles-et-espaces/egalite.html) in Nantes, France, the local ADFI representative Dominique Hubert protested against the participation of an organization named OMAEP and let out an alarming statement alleging that they are “dangerous, an offshoot of a sectarian group.” Of course ADFI is a landmark, foremost FECRIS member association.

According to ADFI, part of OMAEP’s “guiltiness” would include hoping and wishing for their members to “give birth to children who will be robust, beautiful, noble, able to overcome difficulties, diseases and all bad influences.” One sensible observer would seriously wonder which sort of crime this is.
OMAEP Web Site
By the way, OMAEP (http://www.omaep.com/ or http://www.omaep.com/en/ in English) is non-profit, Non-Government Organization (NGO); their stated mission is 

The ADFI representative Dominique Hubert also stated that OMAEP principals “claim to have United Nations recognition, which is worthless; sure, it’s good on a business card, but the UN are infiltrated from all sides.”

What Mrs. Hubert might have been missing while releasing such strong statements, is that OMAEP’s UN recognition status would be better defined as the ECOSOC status (Economic and Social Committee: https://www.un.org/ecosoc/en/about-us/), the same status FECRIS proudly shows on their Internet site (https://www.fecris.org/our-activities/united-nations/).

MDominique Hubert ADFIoreover, that “UN are infiltrated from all sides” seems like being a considerably interesting opinion, which would definitely deserve some explanation and evidence.

Especially if one (sensible observer, as above) considers that lobbying is in itself part and parcel of FECRIS’s business.
Hence the question is – according to FECRIS, are United Nations “infiltrated” only when it comes to disparaging an “undesirable” (to them) organization?

One might even wonder why the UN should still grant FECRIS their ECOSOC status while a member association of theirs, practically slanders them.