Do funding for FECRIS research activities include fun & sightseeing?

FECRIS principals or key representatives often boast about their tourist trips around Europe in the occasion of the various organizational meetings or official venues.

Or more appropriately, they used to do so – for we know (as reported in this post and this post that their abundance times do not seem to be actual any longer like before.

Yet if we take a look at their Facebook timelines, we can see that they are still in it as much (and as long) as they can.

For instance, here is one of their collateral activities in the occasion of what they called “hard work” in Riga, Latvia:

Here they are: Branka Dujmić Delcourt, Janja Lalich, Alexandra Stein, Luigi Corvaglia, Alexander Dvorkin.

They really look like having a lot of fun, and as it seems from the quantity and quality of their photos, they are really taking their time to enjoy their visit in Riga.

But what any pleasant, amusing trip in a picturesque location would be, without a proper dinner all together?

In the photo below, with Dujmic Delcourt we can also see Alexander Dvorkin (, first from the right after her.

And here (below on the right) Janja Lalich with Alexandra Stein proving how funny it all may be as a FECRIS scholar who is studying and contriving new adequate measures against to protect European citizens from the terrible dangers of “cults”:

All very similar to other past rendezvous occasions, such as the photos below taken from a post from Sofia, Bulgaria, May 2016, as boasted by Janja Lalich herself, even kidding about a sort of flirting with the Italian FECRIS representative Luigi Corvaglia:



But here is the question: which money is paying all of this nice, likeable entertainment?

Are these scholars using FECRIS organizational funding, as come from the French government?

Are they spending money out of their own pockets after facing “unmerciful” cut of funding as discussed (and whined about) in September this year?

We will possibly have to be patient to solve our doubts, until the next FECRIS balance sheets will be issued. By the way – will they ever be?

Victims of FECRIS hatred campaign are not so prone to laugh, when their human rights are at stake, they are waiting for an explanation and we would like to read the next FECRIS balance sheets for good.