Is FECRIS’s persecution implemented just for the money?

A typical case of FECRIS religious persecution, has been going on in the last months and has been reported by the eastern media, concerning Father Vladimir Golovin, a popular preacher of the Russian Orthodox Church in Bolgar, Tatarstan, Russia. This has been thoroughly covered in an independent information site ( - unfortunately so far, mostly in Russian language only) regarding Alexander Dvorkin (, with the description and summary of the 3.5 hours video testimony released by Father Golovin:

Vladimir GolovinA peculiar point in Father Golovin’s statements, regards the possible business facet of FECRIS representatives’ operation, considering that Alexander Dvorkin is still the vice-president of this French-government-funded ( self-declared NGO (Non-Government Organization).

In a specific portion ( of his full video-recorded testimony (, Father Vladimir Golovin stated:

“Our dear comrade Dvorkin bears more harm than good to the Church, and they alAlexander Dvorkin photoso consider him to be some kind of double agent who turns up a war on sects in such a way that he eventually defames our Russian Orthodox Church and creates anger versus the Church on the part of people. Lately, Dvorkin and those with him, opened a new form of business, so I was told – they invent sects or splits within Orthodoxy, while they do not in fact exist, then they actively quench and stifle ‘sectarians’ inside the Church. But all this is made upon order – a sort of business. It gives an income. They even told me how much bribes came to Dvorkin from Kazan [main city in the vicinities of Bolgar], which amounts.” - Fr. Vladimir Golovin.

Father Golovin also exposed the misleading literature ( spread around by Alexander Dvorkin, comprising raw material from which he builds up separation walls and cultural barriers against religious minorities that he decides from time to time to label as “destructive cults”.